Saturday, October 31, 2009

Candle holder for candle light on our balcony

Just arranged the candle holder for our balcony which I bought today. Put the stone Buddha I got in Phnom Penh just a few weeks ago also in there. Now, when we sit on our balcony or during this cold season in our TV / living room and watch a movie, we can see the candle light outside and also the nice cambodian stone Buddha. My construction there reminds me a little of the "Angel House" (is it the right term honey?) which many places in Cambodia have outside there homes, know what I mean? Just this we have now is more like a modern, western construction. :-))

Some photos of the arrangement of our new water fountain for our reading room I will post for you tomorrow, curious what you will think about it and if you like it, as it is our home. :-*

1 comment:

  1. Hey, really nice to have this candle outside, especially now in autumn and winter time.
    But we are curious, what is a Angel House, maybe our good friend in Cambodia can tell us more about it and put here a photo online, what it looks like in Cambodia???
    Your friends
    Martin and Alexander