Friday, October 30, 2009

Evening with Matthias and Sabine

Now Matthias and Sabine left our home, we spend a really nice evening together, having some dinner together and than watcbing our photos of our time in Cambodia this month together. So many memories came than to my mind, of our time in October visiting Angkor Wat, but also of our time in August here in Bochum, when we had them both together as our guests and you cooked cambodian food for them. IMYSM! They really liked the photos you took of Angkor Wat and the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Was a really wonderful time, full of memories and we even had the same wine which we were drinking all four together in August. Remember, the one you drunk a little bit to fast and to much of. ;-) Felt very happy and well in there presence and enjoyed the evening a lot, would have been even greater if you would have been here, but your presence is always feelable in our home.
Some photos of them through which they say a big "Hello" to you.

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