Saturday, October 24, 2009

Germany will have first open gay foreign minister

Four weeks after elections in Germany it is now pretty sure that with Guido Westerwelle Germany will have its first open gay foreign minister and vice chancellor. Even if I might not agree in many points with the program of the liberal party (FDP), who Mr. Westerwelle is head of, I think it is a good sign to society and the world that it is just normal that a gay person can hold such a office. After two open gay gouvernors in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg) this is now the first time that a gay person is holding such a important federal government office. Will be interesting to see what his foreign human rights policy will be during his administration. Hope that with the liberal party holding this office again, that as in the long tradition of liberal foreign politics, this issue of human rights will have a stronger focus in foreign politics. We will see how he will manage this important office. Also it will be interesting to see how the world reacts, I am thinking there for example of some islamic or other intolerant states and countries.

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