Monday, October 26, 2009

More equal rights for gay couples / foreign politics

Now the coaliation contract between the two German parties CDU and FDP has been signed and on Wednesday they will elect Mrs. Merkel again as chancellor and also Guido Westerwelle will become the first open gay foreign minister.
As part of there coaliation contract, means the goals and issues they want to realize in the next years during there government together, there are also a few points regarding the rights of gay and lesbian couples, which surprised me.

So they declare that they will focus on more equal rights between straight and gay/lesbian couples and that they will for example work in the area on tax legislation on such equal rights.

Also in there policies regarding there foreign politic is an interesting statement in there contract, saying:
"We will also fight in our foreign politic and relations against any discrimination because of religion, ethnic origin, gender and sexual orientation."

I am curious to see, if this new government will really put into practise what they agreed on in there contract. Politicians can promise a lot, but what they finally do is often different from what they said. So will follow news and what they do very careful on such issues. At least for the beginning of there government this is to a degree a good sign, at least for me.

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