Friday, October 23, 2009

Time at the Buddhist center

After our chat and phone call tonight I went to the Buddhist Center in Bochum and had dinner with my friends there. Had an really tasty and excellent pumpkin soup. As Oliver was there, you did not meet him when we visited the center together in August, I was able to give him the Buddha statue we bought together in Siem Reap. Remember? When he unwrapped the statue so many memories came to my mind, how we bought it together. He really liked it a lot. Than I attended the lecture, which was given by Oliver and was mainly focused on taking refuge to Lama, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. He did it really well and its always good fun but also thought provoking to listen to his lectures. After the lecture we did the 16th Karmapa meditation together, which is also in the book you took with you in August. Just some small talk with some friends there after the meditation. Will go to bed now soon, but before that I will write you as always a mail sharing my day with you. As I write this you sleep, hope you have a good night. IMYSM!

Oliver with the Buddha statue we bought for him in Siem Reap

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