Friday, October 23, 2009

Walk with Julchen / Autumn season

Just had a short walk with Julchen near the office. Today its rather mild and not so cold, so a nice day to walk and be outside. The trees change there colour from green into brown, red and gold. Leafes falling down and are all over the place. Nature is changing. Feel so much reminded when walking with Julchen of our walks in the forrest here in Bochum in August. Such precious memories. IMYSM!

Julchen loves to play around in all the leafes and likes there smell.

Autumn can be a very nice season, when trees getting colourful in brown, gold and red.

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  1. Hi you both,
    great side you both created there. We will enjoy reading it, really cool idea. We are looking forward to some posts and photos about life in Cambodia, too. Nice how you share through this your life and love over distance with each other and us as your friends. Soon comes the time you will move and live together and we hope that you than also continue your family blog, as we like it a lot.
    Your friends
    Martin and Alexander