Sunday, November 29, 2009

Advent season - 1st Advent

The four sundays before christmas over here in Germany are called Advent sundays. Even if I as Buddhist do not celebrate the religious meaning of christmas and advent, I still live some traditions I grew up with. So it is tradition on these four Sundays before christmas that families have a advent wreath and on each Sunday they light one candle, means on the first Sunday before christmas they light one candle, on the second two candles and so on. It is a nice tradtion, as the families come than together to have meals, play games with there children and just spend valuable time together. This is a tradition I like to keep, even in our little family.
For me this year advent season is also a time of mourning, as I just recently lost Dad and now my both parents are dead. So when lightening the candles on these Advent sundays, I light them also in memory of them and so many memories come to my mind, how they spend these sundays with me when I was a little child. How Mum baked with us chidren together christmas cookies on such Sundays, how we were sitting around the table singing christmas songs, listen to stories and poems she read to us and how much unconditional love my parents gave to me during this special season. To honor my parents and to remember what they did for me, I will celebrate with some of the traditions they taught me this advent season.
Wish you were here, so that we could celebrate this together, look forward to the soon coming day we live together and can live this tradition in our little family. Right now I miss you really desperately, as all this memories come to my mind, tears run down my cheeks as I miss and think of Mum and Dad during this Advent and christmas season, which is a big, maybe the most important season of pracitised family life over here. Sad momemts, now that they are gone, all I can do is to honor them and the tradition they taught me, even as Buddhist. So I see the christmas and advent season from my perspective as Buddhist not as a religious season, but as a season to honor my parents and ancestors.

Our advent wreath, first candle lightend during breakfast.

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