Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back home from Dads funeral

Its been a long, stressful, painful and exhausting day. At around 12.30h I arrived at the graveyard and chapel for Dads funeral. At 13h the funeral begun and lasted till 14h and than we went with friends and family to have coffee, sandwiches and cake in a nearby place. It was very comforting to have family and friends, which I have not seen for such a long time around me there. Also it was a precious moment that I could be alone with Dad at the open coffin to say a last time farewell and speak a few Buddhist mantras for him. The christian funeral service was well done, moving, my brother gave a really great speech on Dads life. Also speaking with the family and friends at the coffee place was very meaningful and precious. After that I went to the graveyard again to bring a candle to Dads fresh grave which was just closed and also to light some incense there. The photo show the closed grave with the flower decoration, sorry its litte dark, but sunset begun already when it was taken.
Now I am home and feel just overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out. So many thoughts, feelings and emotions.
But the greatest and most precious comfort I received today from my pdey samlanh, through all the messages, phone calls and for being in silence, praying in Phnom Penh when the funeral begun here in Germany. Really could feel you than so close, even in the chapel the chair besides me was empty, because its your chair and you were sitting there with me, holing my hand and giving me strength the whole time, same as I was holding the whole funeral the Buddhist locker (Gau) with you hair in there in my hand and felt like holding your hand. ILYSM!

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