Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Buddha of limitless light (Amitabha) meditation for Dad

As all evening since Dad passed away last Thursday and specially now as approaching his funeral tomorrow I do for him the meditation on the Buddha of limitless light (Amitanha). As part of this meditation I speak the mantra "OM AMI DEWA HRIH" as often as I can and use for it the mala I wear at my hand, the same my pdey samlanh also wears at his hand.

Amitabha Buddha means "Infinite Life"and is the name of the Buddha who created and resides in Sukhavati, the Western Paradise of Eternal Bliss (also known as the Pure Land).
In his great compassion Amitabha Buddha vowed that any beings who wish to be reborn there will have their wish fulfilled with his help.

Very mowing and touching to do this meditation, would mean a lot to me, if you could do this meditation tomorrow at 19h Cambodian time for Dad, when his funeral will begin. So we are connected in mourning and saying farewell to Dad. ILYSM!

The text of the meditation can be found as pdf file, maybe to join me in this meditation and mantra for my passed away Dad:


  1. Sweetie, I will be at your side to support for the funeral of dad. I will pray for him too. Will have a quiet and silence moment to pay tribute respect for him too. I really want to be a part of our family.


  2. Honey, thanks so much, felt during the funeral yesterday your closeness so much. Very meaningful that you at the time of Dads funeral spend some time in silence, prayer and meditation in Cambodia to be united with me at that time. YOU are not only a part of our family, for me you are the most important part of our family. Thanks for being always at my side.

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