Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buddhism in the west by Lama Ole Nydahl

Interesting video at YouTube about Buddhism in the western world, the way I found to practize Buddhism here in Germany.

Buddhism is established in the West for nearly 40 years now. Lama Ole Nydahl has followed the example of the great Marpa Lodragpa and has embedded buddhism in a new culture.
Buddhas teaching stayed unaffected while entering the West. It hit a free, social and well educated culture which allows and enables a fast personal development. The medieval traditional Eastern way of thinking is vanquished, all teachings and meditations are at free disposal in the native languages.

Remmeber when we visited in August together the Buddhist center here in Bochum. Different from the temples and pagodas in Cambodia, but finally what really counts are the teachings, meditations, the life together as Buddhist sangha (community) and I think most of all a practical advise and help to be able to live Buddhism in the western world, to implement it into the western culture, lifestyle and to enable the people over here to live and practize a life based on Buddhas teachings.

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