Sunday, November 22, 2009

Buddhist Phowa for the Dead, requested for Dad to be done

Today I submited the request for Buddhist Phowa practise for Dad, so that Lama Ole Nydahl can perform this Phowa practise for Dad. Was a touching moment to fill out all the requested information so that he is able to do this for Dad, but also a time in which I have such a good feeling, knowing that Phowa practise will be performed for Dad by one of the high Karma Kagyu Lamas.

The practice of Phowa, or conscious dying, is Buddhism's most direct response to the issue of death. Phowa belongs to the set of practices traditionally reserved for those who completed many years of training. Thus, it has been inaccessible except to be received as a final help for the passage from one life to another. Since Tibetan Buddhism has appeared in the western world, Phowa has became available to any Buddhist practitioner though the efforts of teachers who have mastered this traditional practice.

Phowa meditation is directing one's awareness to a pure land when the time of death comes. One also learns details of the process of dying as understood by the Buddhist tradition, and how to help and support others during that process.


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  2. Greetings from Saipan, Northern Mariana islands in Pacific ocean! Thank you for the blog post and the link, I was able to send the info for phowa for my father-in-law.