Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas market in Bochum, Germany

This evening I went with Martin and Alexander to visit the traditional christmas market in the city center of Bochum. Many little booths selling food, drinks and all kind of handcraft, artwork, cloths, toys and other nice ideas for christmas gifts. Everything is really nice decorated and specially the lights are very nice in the dark.
I bought a new neglace for my Budhha medallion, as the old one broke just two days ago. Really nice to walk there around and look at all the different food and nicely decorated booths. Missed you a lot there, missed walking hand in hand with you and enjoying it together. Look already forward to next christmas when we will be united enjoying such times together.
Just some photo impressions of the christmas market here in Bochum:

Baked fish with a German roll and herb sauce

Yeast dumpling with vanilla sauce

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