Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas market in Essen

As we celebrate in Germany today the 1st Advent and start with this the christmas season, many memories came to my mind of my childhood with my parents, as this christmas season is over here also a very family minded time of year. Will not be a easy time in the coming four weeks till christmas for me, as I just lost Dad. So I decided to drive this late afternoon to his grave, spend some time there where Mum and Dad are now burried together, as they spend time and love with me so much during so many christmas seasons. Been a hard time there at the grave and wished you could have been there with me, to hold my hand.
From there I decided to drive to the city center of Essen to visit the traditional german christmas market there, to clear my mind a little and to see something different. Its been a nice time there walking around, but also a sad time and painful time, as I saw all this families around me and all these couples around me walking hand in hand, enjoying the christmas market and this special season of the year together. Missed you than a lot, miss to walk with you there hand in hand, as we walked through Essen hand in hand in August, missed you, because YOU are my family.

In the following some photo impressions from the Christmas market in Essen, to share, hope through this the MIP in my life can participate a little bit. IMYSM! ILYSM!

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  1. Like in Phnom Penh too. I participated a Christmas fair organized by the International Women Work. It was great to be there. Will attach you some photos to see how things are going in Cambodia on the Christmas events too.