Monday, November 16, 2009

Dads mourning card

Today I received Dads mourning card. In Germany it is usual to send such a card to family and friends, to inform them that Dad died and also to invite them to attend the funeral on Wednesday.
As my brother is organizing most parts of Dads funeral and all related to it, he also wrote the text for this card.
When reading the text, specially the beginning, it really hit me and I had to cry this morning, as it really describes Dad and his life a lot.
It says there:

"What I did in life,
I did only for you,
what I was able to, I gave,
as Thanks keep unity between you all."

"In Love and gratitude we say farewell"

Was very touching to me to read this card in the morning. Wish you had been at my side, reading it together. But it gives me so much strength to know our hearts, souls and minds to be connected and one in this time of mourning and sorrow. ILYSM!

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