Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dads treasure box

When I have been with my brothers yesterday in Dads home we also found a old, locked box. We all knew this box from our childhood and youth, but we never knew what Dad is keeping in there, as it always was locked and well taken care of him.
Now that he died, we took the key and opened this locked box, which I would like to call Dads treasure box. What we found in there shows, as I think, a good part of his personality and feelings.
In this treasure box was no money, no jewelery or anything similar. In there was a treasure which is going beyond all these materialistic things.
In there we found very old love letters my mother wrote to Dad, when they were young and freshly married, we found there letter and drawings of us, his sons we made for him on special occasions, there was a letter of a former employee of Dads company, thanking Dad for a help he provided to him and his family, than there were some documents which reminded Dad of his parents, my grandparents.
When I saw all these items in this box I had to cry, as they really showed to me what treasures really count in life and what was really important to Dad.
Dad was never the person who has learned to show emotions and feelings, but with the content of his personal treasure box he showed us so much his feelings, emotions, meaning and sense of life.
And you know, when seeing this locked treasure box, I felt reminded that I have a similar box at home, you know whats in there. My journal, your letters, photos of you and little items like musical ticket, museum tickets, of places we have been to together. Thats my treasure box, you are my only treasure. The meaning, sense and center of my life. Missed you so much at my side when we opened Dads treasre box.
Miss you today so much, the first Sunday I am now confronted with, not to drive to visit Dad in the nursing home. Somehow very painful to have all of a sudden this free sunday again, after months driving to him to see him and spend time with him on every Sunday.
Sad times, in which I miss you so much, my pdey samlanh. Wish we could see us and talk with each other today, so much. ILYSM and want to fill our personal treasure box all my life with love for you and lovely, special and precious memories together.

My personal treasure box, a similar but much older one Dad was having and now we know its moving and precious content.

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