Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day of sorrow

So far the day is very painful and full of sorrow. Went to the flower shop to order flower arrangements for Dads funeral on Wednesday. Was not easy at all to be there and to discuss all this with the people there. They were very kind and supportive.
Later I drove to the graveyard, to visit Mums grave, where Dad will be burried on Wednesday, they already prepared for this, so the stone and some other things from the grave already removed. Soon Dad will be at Mums side again.
All day I just feel pain, so many memories come to my mind, did not expect to suffer that much.
Besides this comes the pain of you not being physical at my side during these hard days of mourn, really afraid about the funeral on Wednesday, as this weekend is already hard enough.
And besides this the TMIC mobile provider is having problems, so that your messages dont reach me, or reach me late. That is just enough to carry, as I really need you more than ever. Miss your messages really badly and painfully.

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