Saturday, November 21, 2009

Four seasons of nature over here, like circle of life

We have now autumn over here in Germany and most trees have by now lost all there leafes, nature begins to prepare for the soon coming winter season and falls asleep. In fact over here the four seasons we have can be compared to the circle of life (Samsara). In spring nature awakes to life, everything becomes green and begins to blossom, this is often compared to be born, childhood and youth, than summer everything is full alive, which is compared to the time of adult, fully living, reaching the peak of life. After summer comes autumn, nature is preparing to fall asleep, this season is often compared to becoming old, having some good time in old age, but than becoming old, ill and weak and loosing all its strength. The winter following than is the quiet time, nature is sleepinng, no green leafes on the trees, often compared with the time we die and loose our body. And as it is an eternal circle, after winter comes spring again, the rebirth and new life.
So like this the four seasons of nature over here are like the circle of life we have to face.

The photo taken from our balcony shows that the trees now have lost all there leafes, they are like dead, but still alive and prepare for the winter time, when they fall asleep.
Its interesting that this month of November over here in Germany when nature begins to "die" is from statistic also the month of the year in which most people die. Like my Dad and my Mum, who both died in November.
Wish you were here to share these seasons together, miss you and your messages today a lot and hope you are well, feeling my presence, love and care. But soon we will live together and experience all these seasons together. IMYSM ILYSM

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