Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Iran: Three minors face death penalty

According to the "Human Rights Watch" organization are facing three minors in Iran death penalty and execution, because of Homosexuality. The three boys were arrested at the age of 16 and sentenced to death penalty. They awaiting now there execution.
Already in 2005 two minors wear executed because of Homosexuality, as shown on the photo. (source of photo and news: www.queer.de)

What a inhuman, intolerant and fanatic system in Iran. How blessed and lucky we are to live in freedom. Religious fanatism is really a curse for mankind. Really sad about such things.

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  1. This is discussing! Humans can be such monsters, when forced by inhuman relgions and rules. There should be a petition to sign and send to the Iran embassies and government. And such a country is part of the United Nations, there should be far more actions and embargos against such a country. Thanks for making this information available, I will send a letter to the Iran embassy to protest against such a inhuman action. Seems that this is all I can do.