Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meeting my brothers at Dads house

This afternoon I went to meet my brothers at Dads home. Was not easy to be there after his funeral just last Wednesday. Some kind of weird and emotional feelings to be in his house and home and to know he is not alive anymore. My brothers wanted to meet there to talk about how to divide Dads belongings between us. I personally think it was little to early to talk about such things as he is just burried, but as they wanted to, I had to go there. We talked very peaceful about everything and agreed on a procedure. Than we went through every room to see what to take. I did not want to have much of his belongings, took only a few items which I connect with a certain memory, my brothers can have all the furniture and other stuff. Thats fine for me.
When I went to the kitchen, I saw something which really kind of shocked me and hit me deep into my heart. Tears run down my cheeks, when I had to see on the kitchen table Dads plate and coffee cup, just ready for him, being there for him, at this same place as usual the way he left it in August when he was taken to hospital. Came to my mind seeing him there when he was having breakfast or dinner. Really a touching moment and maybe this explains this enclosed photo, which on a first view does not make much sense at all. But I had to take a photo of his plate and cup there, just the way he left it, when he had to leave his home.
Sad times!

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