Monday, November 16, 2009

Memories with Dad, mourning and sorrow

Sitting alone in our reading room, seeing Dads photo and his candle burning on our altar. Just spend some time watching my childhood photos with Dad. So many memories of him came to my mind, my heart hurts and is filled with mourning and sorrow. My body is shaking and I have to cry. Pdey samlanh how much I miss right now to have you here at my side, to be in your arm, to mourn together. How much I miss a message from you all day long, to talk with you and see you and to just hear your voice.
Remember how we visited Dad together in hospital and how we watched this family photos together in August? What would it mean to have you now with me, facing the loss of Dad, seeing these photos together and sharing all this memories of Dad with you.
Like the one of the enclosed photo, showing me being one year old, with Dad, during a family vacation. IMYSM and need you a lot. Feeling so lonely and so much longing for you right now.

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