Thursday, November 26, 2009

OUR DAY: Exactly one year ago we met for the first time...

26. November 2008, a day, just a year ago. A day I will never forget and a day which in the end changed our both lifes to the better, witb deep impact.

On that day, which we celebrate today our 1st anniversary of, we both met. Remember? We just met "by accident", but really by accident? Today we both know that it was not just by accident, we both know that we met by destiny, both searching for our eternal counterpart. Through this accident, our hearts, souls and lifes found together again, same as they were united in so many lifes before. We found each other on that day although living in different parts of this world.

Remember how everything begun on that day one year ago? I was searching for somebody to help me with translations into Khmer for my, now our, foster child in Cambodia, also I wanted to learn more about Cambodia, his history and culture. And you were just there, offering this help. And from there we begun to talk, to learn from each other, to learn to understand each other and most of all to find and see in each other somebody we knew already, knew already for ages. That was the beginning, none of us knowing where all this will finally lead us to. And now we are engaged, living our love and life over distance for a moment, before we soon move and life together.

So on the 26. November, just a year ago we received a very special and precious blessing from Buddha, by meeting and finding each other again. A precious blessing, but also a big responsibility for both of us. Let us always honor this tremendous blessing through our words, thoughts and actions.

In this year, since we met the first time, we learned both a lot, we both grew a lot in our love, dedication and commitment. And most of all we learned through many experiences, one very important point, a point Buddha taught, we learned to understand each other, to understand our feelings, needs, cultures and so much more. And still we learn more and more and grow in this understanding. But we are on the right track, as your best friend and brother would say. Yes he is right, when he once said to me that we both are for 100% on the right track.
And this track is based on our everlasting and unconditional Love, combined with the kind of understanding for each other Buddha taught by saying:

“According to the Way of Enlightenment, love cannot exist without understanding. Love is Understanding. If you cannot understand, you cannot love.”

“If you want your loved ones to be happy, you must learn to understand their sufferings and their aspirations. When you understand, you will know how to relieve their sufferings and how to help them fulfil their aspirations. That is true love.”

So let us celebrate today our anniversary of meeting each other, let us celebrate by being together, even over the distance we face right now for a moment. I AM YOURS and I will never forget that special day, just one year ago, when we came into each others life, came into these lifes to stay there and never to leave again.

In Germany there is a tradition to light one candle per year of celebration, means for example for the 27th birthday we would like 27 candles, same with other special yearly celebrations, like our day today, which is special for us, so one year ago we met for the first time, so for this 1st year a candle is lightened besides our heart of roses.
And you know, what? So many more candles will follow in the coming years when we celebrate together our very own, private anniversaries. ILYSM!

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