Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sad news of your collapse


I am so sorry that I could not be of any physical presence to cope with you in such a mood and emotion to mourn for dad. Really extremely hard time for you. Understand this so well. Sorry that I can only be in mental support because of our distance. We are able to communicate only via technology. Recently with unreliable technology here, make me so frustrate and feel so low temper cos of the poor service. Also, these few days my internet connection was really dump me. I wish I could do more for you sweetie.

Martin wrote me in his mail last night that you collapse. I am sorry but I cannot concentrate on anythings right now. Don't know what happen to you. So thanks so much that Martin came on time to save you. I really don't know what I can do now. Feel guilty on this.

You are all I care and think of all the time and in my head and brain. :-(( I am so sorry that I could not be right there for you now to take all this burden.

I really hope you can recover soon. I would love to call you when you wake up. Dare not to bother you now by calling as it must be 4am in the morning in Bochum now as it is here 10am in Cambodia.

Please let me know how you are doing sweetie. I am worry so much of your well-being.

Your only Love,

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  1. Honey,
    so sorry to cause you all this concern, worry and sorrow. You dont need to feel guilty at all, if someone I should, because of being such a burden recently.
    YOU give me the greatest support, even over distance we are so much connected, one and live already so real our life together.
    Slowly getting better today, feel you at my side.
    Please remember that next time anyhing should be, whatever, you can call me any time, day and night, please remember and do it than. Please dont wait than, want you to call than, when you need me or need any information.
    Feel so sad and sorry that you had to wait some hours before we talked, please next time just call, promise this to me.
    Your well-being is also my well-being, so pleas take always good care.