Saturday, November 28, 2009

Some more flowers for our home

Today some flowers arrived, which I ordered last week. Thought as we both like flowers and nature so much, it would be nice to have some more in our home. Will try to take good care of them, so that some of them are still alive when you next time here, in our home. ;-)
Hope you like them, because everytime I see flowers, I see you, taking photos of them and looking at them. Want to create a lovely home and surrounding for us, where we really feel comfortable, can relax, enjoy our time together and just feel really sheltered and protected. Really the great home feeling we both experienced together in August. IMYSM! Look forward to the soon coming day, when we will be able to go flower shopping together.

You know my very favorite flower? Its the Lotus flower, since seeing it in real in Cambodia, having it there in our hotel rooms, I really totally fascinated by this wonderful flower. When I went shopping today, I also went to a flower store and asked them if they can order or get Lotus flowers. They told me they are really difficult to get over here in Germany, but they will try and give me a phone call sometimes next week to let me know if they can get them. Would be so lovely to get them and have them in our home.
Enjoy the photos and feel a little bit at home, while watching them. ILYSM!

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