Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some pieces, who remind me of Mum and Dad

As I wrote already, yesterday I met my brothers at Dads house to talk about his belongings, my brothers will take most of his furnitures. I just took a view items with me, back to our home, items which remind me of Mum and Dad, items which have a certain meaning to me and with which I have a connection to memories of my childhood and youth, as also memories of my beloved parents, who always tried everything to provide me with a happy life, love and care.
Maybe when people see these items shown on the photo, they might think, what a weird collection, but each single of these has a special memory and meaning to me.
Want to share these with you, my pdey samlanh, as these items now a part of our home, I will honor them, as I always tried to honor my parents when they were alive, hope that I was a good son to them and that I disappoin them not to much or to often. They really did everything they could, for me and my brothers. Its a strange feeling to be all of a sudden alone and to have no parents anymore. All of a sudden I notice what Dad really meant to me, hope that I showed this also enough to him, when he was still alive. Sometimes I was not fair to him, feel so sorry, when I maybe sometimes was not a good son. But now he is gone, and so many things I would like to have told him, I can not tell him anymore. I am happy, that you at least were able to meet him once, when we visited him in hospital together in August.
But now I want to share some memories regarding the items, shown on the photo.
- The framed photo is a photo of me, taken during the 4th year of primary school, Mum was having this photo always on her kitchen wall and even Dad kept this photo when Mum died in his desk.
- This two little tables with marple plate my parents were having in there living room as pieces of decoration, having flowers on them, as Mum loved flowers a lot. Seems I have this affection for flowers from her. As child it was my job, when Mum was cleaning the home to help her a little and to clean these little tables. Did not like to do it as child and now I have them in our home as adult, and treat them with care and like to clean them. :-)
- A green pipe ashtrey, remember in the home where I grew up as a little boy, that this one stood always on the table of my parents living room, was never used, but just stood there. As little boy I was always fascinated by this one, dont know why.
- The wooden lamp was part of Mums and Dads living room, when I was a teenager, Mum liked it a lot, now it will be placed on the desk in our reading room, to give light in the dark, when I sit at this desk to write you my mails at night.
- Two vases, one of cristal, which my mother took always good care of, as it was a gift to my parents on a special occasion and the other one with the crest of the city of Essen, which my parents received as gift from the mayor on there 25th wedding anniversary. Can even remember the celebration of this anniversary. One day we both will celbrate our, what we call silver wedding anniversary over here. ILYSM!
- A stature of a zeppelin airship, which Dad received as a gift when he had a flight with such a zeppelin. I remember this well, been with him there and as little boy I was afraid of this huge zeppelin and was crying when Dad left me to board the zeppelin to fly around, was afraid something would happen to him.
- One of Dads favorite scarfs, can remember as little boy seeing him wearing this one so often.
- A letter / paper holder of marple, since I can think back of being a little boy, Dad was always having this one on his desk, not it will be on our desk at home.
So as you see some items which for somebody who do not know there history or meaning are just some items of normal use. For me all of them have a story and a memory, connected to Mum and Dad.
IMYSM today!

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