Monday, November 16, 2009

Technic can be blessing but also big curse

Technic can be blessing but also big curse, as we now have to experience with Mobile and Internet provider in Cambodia. Since Thursday last week, sms messages from Cambodia do not arrive at all or arrive with a delay of a few days. The 012 and 016 mobile provider used there had similar problems in the past for a few hours or a day, but now this is going on since a few days. And there service and hotline is just miserable and incompetent to take a customer complain and forward it to there technical departments to get it solved. Talked with my mobile provider in Germany (Vodafone) who offers a high level of service quality, as 012 and 016 are there contract partner, they follow up on them and I hope so much they will be able to have the rights contacts there so that this really annoying problem can be solved.
And besides this, now the Internet provider is also not working in Cambodia, so that we can not chat or mail.
So far technic has been a blessing for us to live our family and couple life in the moment over distance, till we live and move together soon. But right now this technic and specially these providers are more a curse and pain. Specially in these days of mourning and sorrow, when I need you and your great support so much, this must happen. Really feel pain and feel so much cut off from the one I love, miss and need.
Hope so much that all this will be solved very quickly, as being cut off from you before, during and after the days of Dads funeral is really something I do not want and can imagine. Otherwise the phone costs will explode, as this is at least still working and at least you can receive my messages.
Feel so helpless and going crazy to have to rely on this unreliable technic and companies over there in Cambodia. IMYSM!

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