Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UN Human Rights Council: Special Rapporteur on Cambodia for another year

"The UN Human Rights Council concluded its session with mixed results, Human Rights Watch said today. The council adopted helpful resolutions on the human rights situations in Burma, Somalia, Honduras, and Cambodia and unanimously supported resolutions on freedom of expression, migrants' rights, HIV/AIDS, and access to medicines.

The Human Rights Council also rightly decided to keep Cambodia and Somalia under examination, Human Rights Watch said. It renewed for another year the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Cambodia. On Somalia, the council expressed its concern at the human rights and humanitarian situation in the country and alarm at the deteriorating conditions for refugees and internal displaced persons."


So far quotes from a report about the recent decisions of the UN Human Rights Council.
I hope that Cambodia continues its work on the improvement of Human Rights, as I love and feel at home in Cambodia. On the other side I hope that good support and help from other countries continues and is even getting more, as this help of all different kind will help to increase the infrastructure, independence, prosperity and wealth of the cambodian people, as long as this support and some of the money is not getting into the pockets of corrupt politicians.

For my part I support the work Plan International is doing in Cambodia, to help children and there communities to improve health, education and life standards of those in need.

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