Sunday, November 1, 2009

Water fountain, redecorated - Video

I rearranged and redecorated a little bit the new water fountain in our reading room. Put on it one of the two stone Buddhas (the smaller one) I bought in Phnom Penh in October. Also put to candles there, so its nice when its dark to see the water running from the fountain together with the stone Buddha in candle light. Wish you were hear to see and enjoy it together. IMYSM!



  1. Wow, looks really nice, cool idea to post videos, we hope some more videos will follow. We look forward to see the fountain in action soon in your home.
    Martin and Alexander

  2. Lots of great information and inspiration, which we all need! I really appreciate the efforts made by you for this. Well Done! Thanks for sharing the information with us.