Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas dream

As I felt healthwise not so well today, I decided to have a nap in the afternoon and felt asleep. Woke than up form a dream which I can really remember, pretty detailed even.

I was dreaming about Christmas. It was christmas night and I was as a little boy with my parents for the traditional christmas celebration, having a nice meal together and than came the time to be around the christmas tree with all its lights, even could smell the christmas cookies my mother made for that evening and night. So I was with my parents around the christmas tree, and they gave me all my gifts and told me to open them. At the moment I begun to open them, my parents disappeared and were gone, every parcel and gift I opened was at that moment gone and disappeared also and in the end I was sitting totally alone beneath the christmas tree and one by one the lights on the christmas tree were gone till I finally was sitting totally alone on christmas night, beneath a christmas tree without lights in the dark and just felt scared, alone and painful lonely.

Than I woke up, my heart was beating like crazy from this dream. Really weird dream, I guess those who know what Christmas in Germany in like, will understand how scary and sad such a dream can be. Dont know what caused this dream, maybe because my father died just a few weeks ago and that this will now be my first christmas without parents or maybe it is just caused by the fear to be christmas alone, without the one I love, YOU. ILYSM

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