Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas market in Dortmund

This evening I went with Martin and Alexander, our good friends, to the Christmas market in Dortmund. The christmas market there is in our region the one with the largest christmas tree, as shown on the photos. It was nice to walk there around and see all the booths with food and many different gift items, christmas decorations and handcraft. Also I found there a booth with tibetan artwork and handcraft products. Had a nice talk with the tibetan lady there and bought some tibetan incense from here. In fact she is considering to open a own store in Dortmund with tibetan handcraft (like cloths) but also with tibetan Buddhist items like statues, incense and other things. I am pretty sure if she opens that store I will become one of her customers, she will inform me when this will happen. I really wish her luck with this project and hope she will be successful.
While walking around on the christmas market, seeing all the decoration and lights for this special holidays which a so strongly connected with family over here, I really missed YOU and missed to hold your hand. ILYSM!

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  1. What a great pictures! I've been in Dortmund once, and want more ))
    Thank you