Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December 2nd 2009 - 7th month anniversary

Guten Morgen liebling,

Danke for your sms this morning to cheer me up on the 7th month of the engagement day. It is more than a year we have committed to our love. Time is running so fast. When I think back, so god, time goes so quickly. However, my love on you is enriching from time to time. Thanks for always give me shoulders to sleep on and stand strong for me. So do I. You can rely on me. ILYSM :*


  1. Honey, so wonderful to get your message here and your rose in the morning, what a great start into the day, into our special day. Yes, time is runing fast and soon comes the day we move and live together. I am always there for you and it is very precious to know and to feel how much I can rely on you, just being there for each other in everything. My heart, soul, body and mind is full of our wonderful and unique Love. So meaningful and so much sense to have found you and to share our love and life together. Never forget this day just 7 months ago, remember so well what we did on our engagement day in Phnom Penh and how sincere and dedicated you said yes to me and us on that day. ILYSM! :-*

  2. Hello,
    you both really such a romantic couple, to celebrate these days. We are happy to be your friends and wish you both to grow and live your love in the future same as today. We are looking forward to the end of your engagement time and to celebrate your both wedding with you.
    Your friends
    Martin and Alexander