Thursday, December 3, 2009

DVD release: Small Voices

Thirty years ago, the Khmer Rouge perpetrated genocide upon their own people. Attempting to create a classless society, they killed nearly 1.7 million people, primarily the adult, educated and artistic population. Today, the children born to the uneducated, poverty-stricken survivors face a bleak future. With the farming lands in the countryside decimated and little opportunity in the cities, thousands of children are struggling to survive. Abandoned by destitute family members, or forced to work in order to support themselves and relatives, these children are left vulnerable and exposed. On the streets of the capitol city of Phnom Penh, there are over 12,000 children living, begging and working. Through their eyes, their day-to-day heartbreaks, dangers and hopes come to life.

This is a short preview of this moving documentary from YouTube:

This movie is for order available at:
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I ordered this DVD documentary which received already a few awards from Amazon and already curious to get it and to view it soon.

More information about this movie documentary can be found at:

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