Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Father and brother jailed for 'honour killing'

A 50-year-old Turkish man was jailed for life in Germany on Tuesday over the brutal "honour killing" of his 20-year-old daughter, a murder carried out together with the victim's twin brother.

Gülsüm Semin's brother was sentenced to nine and a half years behind bars, while a 32-year-old Russian accomplice was given seven and a half years by the court in Kleve, western Germany, a spokeswoman said.

On March 2 the young woman, who had recently had an abortion, was lured to a patch of wasteland where her brother and the accomplice strangled her with a cord and beat her in the face with a club and a tree branch, the court found.

The woman had been in conflict for some time with her family because she had chosen to adopt a "Western" lifestyle that was incompatible with the traditional Muslim way of life as seen by her father, police said.

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Another sad story and example where religious fanatism and islamisn can lead to.

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