Thursday, December 3, 2009

Full moon: sleep-walk

Last night we had full moon and sometimes I sleep during full moon not very well, I am used to this. But very, very seldom, since my childhood only a very few times, it happens that I sleep-walk during full moon nights. Last time this happened a few years ago and in fact I even left my apartment and sleep-walked on the street in front of my house. Since than this did not happen again. Now last night, it seems that something must have happened again. As I was very tired I decided to go to bed early, can remember when I went to bed and just fall asleep. Now last night I woke up around 1.30am in the reading room, sleeping on the floor there. Really weird, as I can not remember to get up and how I got there. So I guess I sleep-walked in our home and went to the reading room to just continue sleeping on the floor there. Really crazy and funny, but as long as I just stay in our apartment and do not leave it to walk around in the neighbourhood thats fine for me. :-)
When I was a little boy I can remember that my mother only a very few times sleep-walked and that even in her night shirt.

Any other, who is reading our blog, having any experience with sleep-walk?

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