Sunday, December 27, 2009

Funny book: "Bad Karma"

Quiet, to quiet Sunday afternoon, after all those days celebrating christmas. At home, on the sofa, trying to clear my head from all this thoughts and memories of christmas in the past, with my parents. Now I have my own little family, even if my pdey samlanh is right now at the other part of the world, in Cambodia, and can not be here, I still feel him so much with me, but also miss him desperately.
To clear my mind and heart a little bit from these feelings of longing and all this emotional christmas memories who come up today so much, I decided to read a book, which is really a lot of fun to read, but which still provokes thinking about life and actions, about cause and impact.
The book "Mieses Karma (Bad Karma)" from David Safier, has been a Bestseller in Germany for a long time. It is a fiction story about a lady who makes a big career, neglecting her family, being very self centered and focusing only on herself. Than all of a sudden she dies and is reborn as a Ant. A situation she can hardly cope with and accept. Slowly she begins to think about her former human life and step by step she realizes her shortcomings, she slowly learns to recognize the importance of gaining good Karma through words, thoughts and actions. The whole book is written with so much humor, that it is a pure joy to read it. But besides this with so many thoughts to think of the own life, sometimes like a mirror to make one ponder. Have not even reached half of the book, but it makes addictive to read more and to find out how the story continues. Really a book worth reading.

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