Wednesday, December 9, 2009

German Christmas song: A time for us has arrived

Now as christmas over here in Germany is coming closer, I want to share with YOU from time to time some german christmas songs, which have a special meaning to me.
Found the song "Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen" (A time for us has arrived) at YouTube, this song is often used during the Advent season before christmas, as it is speaking about a special time which has arrived, about walking through the snow covered landscape, about preparing for christmas and that christmas is coming soon, and that christmas will bring a time of great joy. Its a very popular song, specially for children.
I remember that my mother sung this song with me when I was a little boy and when we were sitting together as family on advent sundays around the advent wreath.
Miss you a lot during this christmas season, specially very tough to spend this advent and christmas season without our usual time to talk, chat, laugh, share our days and see each other, due to the broken or very weak internet connection now since four weeks in Cambodia. It is a very meaningful time of year, a very family and love minded time. ILYSM!

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