Friday, December 4, 2009

Music Video: Endless Love

Found this video with the song "Endless Love" at YouTube for YOU. Just a song message for YOU, as the weekend is approaching, to cheer YOU up and tell you with these lovely words of the song, what YOU are for me, my endless Love. I miss you so much, and would love to look into your eyes and tell you face to face the words of this song, as they are my words for YOU.

My love, there is only YOU in my life. The only thing thats bright. YOU are every breath that I take, YOU are every step I make. Want to share all my love with YOU. YOURS eyes, they tell me how much YOU care. YOU will always be my endless Love. Two hearts that beats as one, our life has just begun. Forever, I hope YOU are close in my arms. YOU mean the world to me. I know I found in YOU my endless Love.

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