Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year celebration in Germany

Now it is just around noon in Germany and still any hours to go till the new year celebrations begin. Just want to share a little bit about the way to celebrate new year over here.

As christmas is a holiday focusing so much on the family, the new year celebration is the holiday focusing so much on the loved one, on the one and only. That might be one reason why I miss YOU so desperately much already all day long.

Normally at around 6pm people meet with friends and having dinner and than new years party together. Couples spend this evening and night very close together. At midnight than first thing everybody does is to wish his loved one a happy new year, couples hold each other in the arms and the first kiss of the new year is for the loved one. Will miss this tonight a lot to give you this first kiss of the new year and to be with you.

There is only one little comfort, to know that from next year on, all new years celebrations we will spend and live together.

After wishing each other a happy new year, this wish is getting extended to the friends at the party and than everybody leaves the house to go outside, to watch the fireworks all over the city or even start its own firworks. All the neighbours are on the street watching and doing there own fireworks too.

When the fireworks are finished everybody goes into the house again and the party continues.

Tonight I will not join any party, because you are not with me and because Dad died just a few weeks ago. So I will just stay quiet at home, cherish the memories of our lovely times together this year, around 23.30pm I will lighten candles and incense on our altar at home, in front of your photos too and just say a short prayer and makes wishes to Buddha, that all beings might find happiness and that you and we might be blessed in our Love and preperations for our move together in the coming year. Than at midnight I will stand in front of your engagement photo, with a glass of champaign, look into your lovely eyes on that photo and wish you a happy and blessed new year. Will miss you at midnight than a lot, maybe you can see and feel me than in your dreams while you sleep in Cambodia. ILYSM!

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