Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama

Before I share my opinion on the Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama, just a short quote from an article at Spiegel Online:

"In Germany, some are describing US President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize as good choice, but others are calling it an "enormous folly." Indeed, everyone seems to have an opinion about the selection of a wartime president for the world's most prestigious peace award.

He was the very image of modesty: "To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who have been honored by this prize," US President Barack Obama said in his first statement upon being notified that he had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He had been in office for just nine months -- and commentators immediately, and with perhaps just a little bit too much relish, began pointing out that Obama had accomplished precious little in those nine months."

The complete article can be found here:,1518,666388,00.html

And now my opinion: Of course, as many people around the world, I am thinking positive about President Obama, but regarding the Noble Peace Prize I really do not understand why and what for he received this high and special prize. I think it is not enough to give great speeches about peace, that should not be the reason to receive such a prize. So far Barack Obama has given many speeches about peace, but I am really missing the actions. I think it is far to early that he received this prize, there are enough other people, who really did something for peace worldwide and who really would have earned this price, much more as Barack Obama right now. So I can not understand that he received this prize for just speaking about peace. For me the wrong decision at the wrong time. Maybe at the end of his presdency, when the world really can see what he did or did not do for the peace in this world, the prize would have its right, but not now.

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