Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our first Christmas celebration together

Now our first Christmas evening celebration as family together is over, two more Christmas days to celebrate together as family are ahead of us, even if we can on these days only share this special time of year together over webcam, it is still a very meaningful and emotional time for us. Thanks Honey, for making me such a wonderful Christmas night, for the lovely gifts, for the roses, the painting of the 16th Karmapa and most of all thanks for your lovely letter, which touched my heart so much and is the most beautiful Christmas gift. YOU are the greatest gift, the gift of your Love means everything to me.
Now you sleep in Cambodia and I will spend a quiet Christmas night in our home in Germany, cherishing the lovely memories we share and the wonderful first Christmas night we just spend together. This is our first and last Christmas we are apart from each other, lets look forward, all the coming Christmas celebrations are ours together in our real life as family and couple. ILYSM!

Thanks again for your meaningful and precious gifts:

Two book gifts from our friends Martin and Alexander, one book about the history of Cambodia and the other one a cookbook in German with only cambodian dishes. Miss so much our cambodian food and meals together

Two gifts for our home, one statue for our entrance room and the "Ghost or Angel house" for our balcony

Look so much forward to celebrate the two coming Christmas days on Friday and Saturday together with you, my one and only. So happy that we share these days and times together. Means a lot to me. IMYSM!


  1. Hello S and J,
    just a short message here for you both, during lunch break at work.
    Happy to see that you both had a nice first christmas celebration together. Hope you both enjoyed it and that you liked your gifts, at least J gifts look nice here.
    And how about you, S? Whats your impressions of a first german christmas over cam? Show us also here some of your gifts? Hope you liked it.
    We hope we could surprise you both with the radio song christmas message yesterday, its been Alexanders idea, while listening to the radio at work to call there and see if they could arrange this message from S for J. Never did something like this before, great that it worked.
    We are busy at work, long days and many hours, but had so far a nice christmas and whats most important we have each other.
    So my friends wish you both to enjoy the continuation of your christmas celebration together.
    Fröhliche Weihnacht
    Martin and Alexander

  2. Dear Martin and Alexander,
    thanks so much for your great friendship and in helping us so much to make our first Christmas celebration a wonderful time, which we will always keep in our memories.