Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sea accessories and KRALAN

1st Photos: It is Dessert. We call it "KRALAN" . It is made of sticky rice mixed with coconut flesh and sugar and salt. It was rice inside the bamboo. They cut the bamboo and put the rice into the bamboo. The method of cooking is after the sticky rice is cleaned, they put it into the bamboo. Covered by the skin of coconut, they bring the bamboo which contains of sticky rice to grill or toast or boil, depend on the method of what they want. However, toasted is so nice and so good smell. Try it already. It is good. Two regions specialized on this product. It is in Kratie and in Battambang province. This is typical Cambodian dessert and/or snack. WANNA TRY ?? :-))

2nd Photo: Accessories. Made of Shell or nut of the sea snail or clam or even oysters. This is an accessories that Cambodian people like to keep it at the door or at the yard so that it makes sound with there is a wind. As I join the fair, I see this is interesting and want to have it for home one. Sweetie, we will wake up every morning when it wakes us up in the morning. Disadvantage: if there is strong wind, it will bother us throughout the night with its sound hahaha.:-))


  1. Wow, would like to taste it and look so much forward when we soon move together to maybe have the shells than on our balcony. Look forward to everything you will bring with you into our home, to create our home of two equal cultures together and to make it our home and shelter. ILYSM!

  2. Hello, cool to see those photos, really some unusual food over here, but we would like to try it. We look already forward to you cooking some cambodian food for us, when over here. Take good care, your friends
    Martin and Alexander