Thursday, December 3, 2009

Video: Buddhist Meditation

In this video I found at YouTube is a little introduction to Buddhist meditation by Lama Ole Nydhal and even a short Buddhist meditation to practise straight away by watching and listening to the video. So just take this few minutes, watching and just following the guided meditation in this short video.

Focus Your Mind. Change Your Life. Learn the basics of Buddhist meditation in 3 minutes. New scientific studies reveal our extraordinary potential to transform ourselves through meditation, and also show that the physical and mental benefits, are both solid and real.

Lama Ole Nydhal a highly respected teacher of Buddhist meditation - provides easy access to meditation and shows that it is not something mystical or inaccessible. He gives an empowering approach to daily life focusing on what we truly are: human beings full of potential and living manifestations of love. His direct & practical meditation helps you realize your true potential and make the most of every day.

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