Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Young, gay Asian becomes mayor of Campbell

Found this on yahoo news:

Young, gay Asian becomes mayor of Campbell

Sleepy, suburban Campbell's City Council elected one of the youngest gay and youngest Asian American mayors in the country at a meeting Tuesday night.

The council promoted Evan Low, 26, from vice mayor to a one-year term as mayor of the 38,000-resident Silicon Valley city.

"He'll have his work cut out for him, but I think he'll find his way," said City Councilman Michael Kotowski, who twice served as Campbell's mayor. "He'll do a good job if he does the normal things, but he'll be an exceptional mayor if he gets out in the community and reaches out to people."

Low is working on his master's degree in public administration from San Jose State University, where he also earned an undergraduate degree in political science. He also attended an executive program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.

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My opinion on this: I personally think that it is still a sad sign when news need to emphazise that somebody who is gay or asian origin gets such a office. Whats the difference if he would be straight, white, black or whatever? Really makes no difference. I think we finally reached a tolerant and free society, when news do not need to emphazise such informations anymore but just simply report about a new mayor, whatever his sexual orientation or origin might be. So societies in all countries of this world have still a lot of work ahead to become tolerant and open minded. So let us start with ourselves, if we as individual change our views, attitude, than finally society will change to a better.

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