Sunday, January 31, 2010

German cake

For Sunday afternoon my mother always made some cake for the family to enjoy together. Kind of a little tradition over here in Germany to have some cake on Sunday in the afternoon. As I felt hungry for something sweet I went to a bakery near our home and got some pieces of cake and just had them together with some black tea. And now I am full and can not see any cake for a while.
Had some traditional german cheese cake, vanilla creme cake and egg liqueur cake.

Soundtrack "Same Same but different"

Yesterday I watched the movie "Same Same but different" at the cinema. Really liked the soundtrack of the movie, nice mixture of German, French, English and Khmer music. Right now as I write this I listen to the CD with the soundtrack.

The movie was very nice and really made me feel homesick so much to you and to Cambodia. Really enjoyed watching the movie and it touched me a lot. Really good actors, nice landscapes of Cambodia and showing also something of Phnom Penh. Just thinking that last Sunday we have been together in Phnom Penh and now I am already a week back here in Germany, missing you badly, specially on this first weekend without you.

But back to the movie, I really can recommend this movie to everyone to watch, but to be honest, the book is far more detailed and better. Can just recommend everyone who has not read the book and watched the movie to get the book and read it. But the main story is told by the movie and is told very impressively.

Angkor Wat bedcover

Just this weekend two weeks ago, when I arrived in Phnom Penh we went shopping together at the russian market. Remember? We also bought a nice bedcover for our bedroom here in Germany. Like the bordeaux red colour and the cover showing Angkor Wat on it. Reminds me so much of our times. IMYSM!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

At the cinema

Now at the cinema in Bochum city center to watch there the movie "Same Same but different", a true german-cambodian love story, same as ours is a true love story. Very curious to see the movie, wish you were here to watch together. IMYSM

Essen's Folkwang Art Museum Gets a New Home

Germany's Latest Architectural Landmark

One of the most important museums in Essen, Germany is opening the doors of its new home this weekend, underlining the city's status as European Capital of Culture in 2010. The Essen Folkwang Museum now houses its prestigious collection in a shiny glass-clad shell designed by the British architect David Chipperfield.

It was probably one of the most expensive beach trips in the history of the German island of Sylt: In the summer of 2006, Berthold Beitz, chairman of a the Krupp Stiftung charitable foundation went for a stroll on the North Sea island. Looking up at the cloud formations, he was reminded of pictures by Emil Nolde. Then he recalled how badly renovations were needed at the Folkwang Museum in Essen, which is home to a number of Nolde's works. Not long after that, the sky had earthly consequences: Beitz announced that the Krupp Foundation would pay for a €55 million ($76.5 million) revamp of the museum.

The plan dreamt up on that warm summer day has become reality in the bitter cold of January 2010. During its opening week, the bulk of the new building was covered in a thick layer of snow, making it look like a massive snowflake had landed.

To read more:,1518,674895,00.html

Photo Gallery: Essen's New Art Landmark:

Carnival season is coming

Over here in Germany the Carnival season is coming closer. The shops are getting already decorated for this funny costume season of the year.

Try to relax with some Tea

This first weekend back in Germany without you is very sad and painful. Really hell to be apart from you! IMYSM!
I try to relax somehow on our sofa by reading and having some of the tea I brought with me from Cambodia, right now I have some Vietnamese Lotus tea.

The collection I took with me, consists of Green tea from Laos, Lotus tea from Vietnam and Lemon Grass tea from Cambodia.

Breakfast: broccoli salad

Just having breakfast, some broccoli / ham salad with bread and a cup of nice cambodian lemon grass tea.
Having breakfast without you is not very enjoyable. IMYSM! I have breakfast now and you just finished lunch in Siem Reap during your visit of the fair there. Wish so much I could be with you there. ILYSM

Cleaning the sidewalk from snow

Last night we had again some more snow over hear. So this morning it was my turn to clean the sidewalk in front of our house from all this snow, so that people can walk there safe.

Photos show the sidewalk before and after cleaning. Took me an hour, heavy morning excercise, sweat a lot.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Parcel for Cambodia

Today I packed your parcel, so I can send it after office with DHL to Cambodia. Most of the items in there you know about. Included only a little surprise you do not know about and also some wine gum sweets for our nieces. Hope the parcel will be that quick and well delivered as last time. Looking forward to see you open it than, when we cam and talk together.

Cambodia: Close Compulsory Drug Detention Centers

People who use drugs in Cambodia are at risk of arbitrary detention in centers where they suffer torture, physical and sexual violence, and other forms of cruel punishment, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Detention centers, mandated to treat and ‘rehabilitate' drug users, instead subject them to electric shocks, beatings with electrical wire, forced labor, and harsh military drills.

In the 93-page report, "Skin on the Cable," Human Rights Watch documents detainees being beaten, raped, forced to donate blood, and subjected to painful physical punishments such as "rolling like a barrel" and being chained while standing in the sun. Human Rights Watch also reported that a large number of detainees told of receiving rotten or insect-ridden food and symptoms of diseases consistent with nutritional deficiencies.

"Individuals in these centers are not being treated or rehabilitated, they are being illegally detained and often tortured," said Joseph Amon, director of the Health and Human Rights division at Human Rights Watch. "These centers do not need to be revamped or modified; they need to be shut down."

To read more:

2010 World Cup Tables and Fixtures

Complete Fixtures

Group A
South Africa

Group B
South Korea

Group C
United States

Group D

Group E

Group F
New Zealand

Group G
North Korea
Ivory Coast

Group H

Toyota recalls top 5.3 million vehicles

NEW YORK ( -- Toyota's recall troubles continue to grow, with the total number of vehicles affected by two recalls involving gas pedals growing to at least 5.3 million.

The latest addition to the recalls was announced Wednesday, with 1.1 million vehicles added to the 4.2 million recalled in November to fix a problem in which the gas pedal can become caught on the edge of the removable floormat. That problem can cause the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably.

More info:

Team breakfast in the office

This morning I was having a team breakfast in the office. Its been a good time with them, lots to talk and laugh about. Also surprised them with some cookies and dried fruits I brought with me from Cambodia. Specially the Durain chips and the dried fruits they liked a lot.

Sorry, photos taken with mobile, not such a good quality

Pentagon plan on 'don't ask, don't tell' ready for Congress

Washington (CNN) -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates will unveil the Pentagon's plan to prepare for repealing the controversial "don't ask, don't tell" law regarding gay soldiers at a committee hearing Tuesday, a Pentagon spokesman said.
"The Defense Department leadership is actively working on an implementation plan and the secretary will have more to say about this next week," Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell said on Thursday.
President Obama said in his first State of the Union address Wednesday night that he would work with Congress and the Pentagon this year to repeal the law that prohibits military members from acknowledging openly that they are gay.

To read more, go to :

A poem for you, as I miss you so much

My Prince, My Husband

For My Dear Husband,
On This Usual Day;
I Write You This Poem,
In My Own Special Way.

I Wanted To Tell You,
In Words Of My Own;
You're The Most Precious Person,
That I've Ever Known.

You're The Prettiest Man,
Than Any I've Seen;
Your Body Is Flawless,
So Slender And Lean.

Your Eyes Have That Sparkle,
That I Can't Live Without;
One Day Without Them,
And I'd Die There's No Doubt.

And I Just Lose Control,
When I Glance At Your Hair;
Those Hairs Are Just Stunning,
So Perfect And Rare.

You're The Most Caring Person,
That I've Ever Met;
There's No One Like You,
And That I Can Bet.

What Attracts Me The Most,
Is Your Sweet And Kind Touch;
You're A Gift Sent From Heaven,
And I Love You So Much.

So Hold Me As Close,
As You Possibly Can;
'Cause Now And Forever,
I Am Your Man.

Just today one week ago, we spend our lovely time on the beach at Sihanoukville and celebrated the 1st anniversary of our Love. Now back in Germany I cherish these memories so much, miss you badly and painful. You are all I care about, you are all I think about and you are all I live, breath and work for. ILYSM! IMYSM!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book: The Way Things Are - A Living Approach to Buddhism for Today's World

The highest teachings on the nature of mind are like a diamond, transparent and indestructible, also reflecting the color of the society into which they are introduced. Originating in India, Buddhism migrated to Tibet, and is today taking a style more appropriate to educated and independent minds in the West. Lama Ole, one of the few qualified western lamas of the Karma Kagyu tradition, is a major driving force in this process, providing here a fresh, exciting summary of Buddha's timeless wisdom. This seminal work offers the liberating and powerful methods of Diamond Way (Vajrayana) Buddhism for readers seeking to incorporate Buddhist practice into their daily lives. In language that is witty, easy to understand, and without compromising on the essentials, Ole answers the questions that Westerners ask. How do Buddha's teachings utilize the potential of our full being in today's world? Through which practices may we experience mind as limitless space and bliss? How can one use the daily joys and difficulties in one's job, family, or partnerships for spiritual growth? And what is spiritual growth and how does one recognize it? "The Way Things Are" answers these questions and provides practical methods for developing mind, and makes the timeless wisdom of Buddhism accessible to an intrigued western audience, itself increasingly drawn to Tibetan Buddhism.

When I read this book, it was like somebody turning the light on in a dark room. All of a sudden I understood so much more, found sense and meaning in life and was introduced to a way, which is helping me to grow and discover my potentials. Whats really thrilling about this book, is the clear and modern language in which it is written. Also the fact, that this book really shows and explains how Buddhism can be lived and practized in a modern world. It is sharing so clear the way things are. Really can recommend this book to anyone who wants to find a introduction and a living approach to Buddhism for a meaningful but also liveable way in todays, modern world.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Being effective is learning to do ‘that which produces the desired result’.

If you want to be extremely successful in business or very happy in life or achieve some large goal, then being effective is consistently doing the things that will bring about the results you are after.

Perhaps the best overall prescription for becoming effective is contained within Stephen Covey’s best-selling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Published by Simon & Schuster, this book provides a useful, sequential framework for understanding much about the process of Personal Development. Covey does not claim to have invented the 7 habits, but rather to have discovered them and to have found a simple language for articulating them. In fact, he says that these basic principles of effectiveness may be found in all world religions; and it can be noted that many highly successful people seem to have naturally developed them."

So far the introduction quote from a very interesting and worth reading review on the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".
The complete review can be found here on Khmer Campus:

I have read this book a few years ago, it is really worth reading, but from my experience must really be read from the beginning to the end. And it is not just easy read, the book and its content need attention and time, specially if the reader wants to apply the techniques and ideas of this book in his personal and business life. But I can highly recommend this interesting book, its really worth reading.

Lunch: chicken ragout

Just finished my lunch break in the office, today I got some chicken ragout from the snack place near the office. In fact, it was pretty nice and spicy with some green pepper.
Have to think a lot about the great lunch breaks we just had last week together in Cambodia. Miss these times with you so much!

Poem: A Table Set For Two

A Table Set For Two

Candles flicker softly on a table set for two,
There's no one on the earth tonight except for me and you.

A nice romantic dinner and a bottle of chilled wine,
And we are here together in a moment stopped in time.

A love so few have ever known and this is its birth night,
Alone within our little world, you and I and candlelight.

So soon we will set free the feelings that we want to share.
And I am held here spellbound by your laughter in the air.

Thoughts of love like falling leaves,
Swirling in the autumn breeze,

Flow in our minds and in our eyes,
A tender look and longing sighs,

We touch and as the fire starts,
That we have kindled in our hearts,

We kiss and hear the angels sing,
As heavens gift to me you bring,

No more to live my life alone,
And in your soul I found my home,

At peace within your loving arms,
Captivated by your charms,

And happily I'd die for you,
Here at this table set for two.

- Written and owned by L. Carling -

This nice poem, reminds me a lot of our wonderful dinner on the 22. January 2010 in Sihanoukville to celebrate our 1st anniversary of our Love. Now back in Germany, missing you, I have to think a lot of that wonderful evening and night, the dinner, the surprise cake, the time at the bar with the nice band playing our requested songs. Remember? YOU are always in my heart, soul and mind. IMYSM! ILYSM!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner: Glasnoodle soup

Freezing cold outside, the perfect weather for a nice, hot soup. So I had a nice, spicy Thai glasnoodle soup for dinner.
Miss our dinner we had together in Cambodia. IMYSM!

22. January 2010: Our 1st Anniversary

On the 22. January 2010 we celebrated the 1st anniversary of our Love, together in Sihanoukville. Very lovely memory, to surprise you with a cake in heart shape at our dinner together, with one candle symbolizing our first year of Love.

Its been lovely to look back together on our first year and on that special day, when we confessed on the 22. January 2009 our love for each other and decided to go from there on our way together as a couple and family, hand in hand, united in Love and care for each other. Still remember so much, when I send you on that day a year ago a MMS message with the attached graphic and could see you than, when you responded to me and told me that you love me too. What a happy day and what a happy memory. And now we live already one year our Love and destiny, working hard together on our future and to prepare our life together. Soon the time comes that we will move and live together. ILYSM!

21.-24.01.2010: Our time in Sihanoukville

Some more great photo memories of our precious days and time we spend together from the 21st till the 24th January in Sihanoukville at the lovely beach there. What a very relaxing and special time to be with you there, the one I really love and care about. Enjoyed so much our lazy times on the beach, the wonderful sunsets and just being there for each other, talking, laughing, loving and joking around. Every second with you, wherever in this world, is a second full of happiness, love, joy, meaning and sense.

Seeing now these photos and all the other ones we took, bring back so many memories and make my heart jump. But also make me miss you so much, cant wait for the soon coming day that we are married and live together. Miss you very painfully over here in Germany.

YOUR message on the beach

A very lovely memory of our time at the beach in Sihanoukville is your message you wrote for me in the sand there, together with our Engagement rings. ILYSM! Miss you so much!
Thanks so much again, for this lovely surprise.

Beware of falling coconuts

When we spend our lovely time in Sihanoukville at the beach, we found this sign on some Palm trees there.
"Beware of falling coconuts", for people over here in Germany really a funny sign and a good laugh. But I guess, if you once were hit by a falling coconut from a Palm tree, you might understand the sense of such a warning sign. :-)

Title song of the movie "Same, Same but different"

The current single from Charlotte Gainsbourg "Heaven can wait" (Duet with Beck) is the title somg of the new movie "Same Same But Different".
Found a clip of that song on YouTube:

Todays Quote: Self-Confidence

"To have self-confidence does not mean that we are supercilious. It is extremly important to rely on us and our abilities."

(Dalai Lama)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lotus flower in our reading room

Arranged the nice artificial Lotus flowers we bought together just a little more than a week ago at the central market in Phnom Penh. Put them in our reading room, beneath your lovely photo, think they look nice there. Lotus is really my favorite flower, sad that here in Germany it is not possible to get real, fresh ones. ILYSM

Angkor Wat Tablecloth

Tonight, being at home on this very cold winter day here in Germany, I decorated our kitchen table with the beautiful tablecloth showing Angkor Wat. While doing this I had to remember our wonderful time buying this together at the Russian Market in Phnom Penh, just little more than a week ago. Lovely memories tonight, but also very sad and painful feelings being apart from you right now. IMYSM!

Opinion: Bundesliga teams should follow Hamburg's example with van Nistelrooy

The title race is wide open, and most German clubs are in good financial shape. But team bosses are reluctant to spend. Deutsche Welle's Jefferson Chase says it's time to end the austerity and go after some big names.

Thank God for Hamburg. In what was the dullest winter transfer season of the Bosman era, the northern Germans decided to make some headlines by taking striker Ruud van Nistelrooy - and his 100,000-euro-plus-a-week salary - off Real Madrid's hands.

Now, no one knows whether Van the Man, as the Dutchman was nicknamed when he was winning all those titles with Manchester United, will be able to reproduce anywhere near that sort of form late in his career.

But by signing him, Hamburg are sending the message that the time to win is now, and that the club is not afraid to spend money to better their chances of a dream season.

Before Hamburg's coup-de-grace with Ruud, the team that made the most noise on the transfer market was Schalke. Being deep in debt, the Royal Blues couldn't afford big international names, but they have reloaded with a host of solid players to add depth and plug holes in the squad.

Felix Magath is no fool. Schalke's coach is renowned for not kowtowing to overpriced prima donnas. But he also knows that to win you have to invest. He bought in the equivalent of an entire new team in his two seasons in Wolfsburg - and took the team to an unlikely first-ever league title last year.

That only begs the question: what are the other heavyweights waiting for?

To read more:,,5165281,00.html

Folklorists baffled over 'love locks' in Cologne

Cologne city officials are trying to determine the origins of a romantic new phenomenon residents are calling “love locks” as they continue to crop up on a central bridge to commemorate couples’ devotion.

Rhineland regional authority (LVR) folklorist Dagmar Hänig is researching the padlocks and said they began appearing on the Hohenzollernbrücke in the summer of 2008.

“At first it was only about 10, but then there were more,” she said.

There are now more than 1,000 locks from lovebirds around the world hanging on a fence along the bridge’s pedestrian path. Some scratch their initials in the metal locks, while others have gone as far as having them professionally engraved to honour anniversaries and weddings, Hänig said.

According to the new custom, couples close the Liebesschloss and then toss the key into the Rhine River to signify their enduring love.

But the origin of the young tradition remains a mystery, Hänig said.

To read more:

Look forward to go there together with you soon, to put there our lock, engraved with our names and than toss the key together into the river Rhine as a symbol of our everlasting Love. ILYSM!

Place for statue from Cambodia

Back from our lovely days together in Cambodia, I found a nice place for the Buddha statue we bought together there.
I put this one in our living room, on the place where all our family photos are, so he is watching over our families, us and our ancestors. Hope you like it there.
Unpacking the statue this last night and placeing it there was so emotional, because I just had to think so much of us going shopping together in Phnom Penh and being together with you. Its hard to be now back in our home without you. I love and miss you so much!

Todays quote: Key factors for success

"Determination, bravery and self-confidence are the key factors for success. So many obstacles and difficulties might exist, with the right insistence they can be break down."

(Dalai Lama)

Think this quote I read today in my daily quote book really applies to our current life. It can be applied to your approaching final exams and it can be applied to our life, we have to live for a while over distance, our Love and us working on our future, our goal to get married and move together soon. ILYSM and it is great to see and feel how we both work with so much dedication, determination and commitment on all issues regarding our life as family and couple. IMYSM!

Back in Germany

Now I am back in Germany, but feel lost and not complete, as I had to leave you behind in Cambodia. Its been such a special time together, so many great memories. My heart and soul is just full of you. I miss you here in our home so giantly much. ILYSM

On the airport when leaving I bought some snacks for me and work colleagues over here in Germany. Some dried Mango, Pineapple and Papaya. Also some salty Durian chips.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sihanouk Ville Holiday with Sweetie

Photos of sweet memories with Sweetie in Sihanouk Ville, Cambodia. This image are view of beach seaside where we relax at that resort. The lovely of beach, sunset, and palm tree and everything we had together there is so memorable and unforgettable. Just miss you so much sweeetie. Hope your way home is safe and fine. Soon we can talk and share our day back again. I love you so much. Really love you.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Having a break..

Guess for the next few days this is my last posting. Tomorrow we leave very early Phnom Penh to drive to Sihanoukville (around 230 km southwest of Phnom Penh) and enjoy some relaxing and romantic time there at the beach. Only hope that we are lucky with the weather, as here in Phnom Penh we have right now some heavy rain and wind all afternoon long.

But no matter what the weather in Sihanoukville will be like, what really counts is that we are together, having OUR time there.
When I find some time later after my return to Germany I will try to post here something about our days in Sihanoukville.

Source of the map:

At Wat Phnom

This morning after visiting the old market in Phnom Penh, I also spend some time to walk arround Wat Phnom, not upstairs to the Wat and stupa, but just down around the nice greens, enjoying to watch people set up there business for the day, selling Lotus flowers, incense, drinks, snacks and even offering a ride on a elephant. These are just some photo impressions about this time around Wat Phnom.

Old market in Phnom Penh

This morning I walked a little bit around, while you were working in the office. Visited the old market in Phnom Penh, of which I took some photos. Guess for some of our friends in Germany this is a rather unusual way to sell fish and meat. :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video Phnom Penh

As being right now in Phnom Penh, I have found on YouTube this video on Phnom Penh and the places worth a visit.

Phnom Penh, the Capital City of Cambodia.
Some important places and monuments in Phnom Penh:

A small hill crowned by an active wat (pagoda) marks the legendary founding place of the Phnom Penh. The hill is the site of constant activity, with a steady stream of the faithful trekking to the vihear, shrines and fortune tellers on top, and a constellation of vendors, visitors and motodups at the bottom. Elephant rides available. The legend of the founding of Wat Phnom is tied to the beginnings of Phnom Penh. Legend has it that in 1372 Lady Penh (Yea Penh) fished a floating Koki tree out of the river. Inside the tree were four Buddha statues. She built a hill ('phnom' means 'hill') and a small temple (wat) at what is now the site of what is now known as Wat Phnom. Later, the surrounding area became known after the hill (Phnom) and its creator (Penh), hence 'Phnom Penh.' The current temple was last rebuilt in 1926. The large stupa contains the remains of King Ponhea Yat (1405-1467) who moved the Khmer capital from Angkor to Phnom Penh in 1422. Look for the altar of Lady Penh between the large stupa and the vihear. She is said to be of particular help to women.

The distinctive rust-red National Museum next to the Royal Palace was dedicated by King Sisowath in 1920. Over 5000 objects are on display including Angkorian era statues, lingas and other artifacts, most notably the legendary statue of the 'Leper King.' Though the emphasis is on Angkorian artifacts, there is also a good collection of pieces from later periods, including a special exhibition of post-Angkorian Buddha figures. Visiting the museum after rather than before a trip to the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap helps lend context to the Angkorian artifacts. Multi-lingual tour guides are available. Souvenirs and books available. Photography is limited. The museum borders Street 178, aka 'Artist's Street' which is lined with local art galleries and souvenir shops. The Reyum Gallery on Street 178 is of particular note, exhibiting the works of contemporary Cambodian artists.

(At the intersection of Norodom and Sihanouk)
The Independence Monument (Vimean Ekareach) was inaugurated in November 9, 1962 to celebrate Cambodia's independence from foreign rule. Renowned Cambodian architect, Vann Molyvann was the architect of the monument. The Independence Monument now also serves as a monument to Cambodia's war dead. It is the site of colorful celebrations and services on holidays such as Independence Day and Constitution Day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Silk Scarf shopping and Wat Phnom

As you had to work, I spend some time to walk around a little and went to Wat Phnom, to pray there for you, our love, our life and future. Also lightened some incense for us there and spend some time in meditation there. Looking already forward when you come home from work. ILYSM!

This morning we just spend some time before lunch to do some silk scarf shopping in Phnom Penh, really like the design and quality of these scarfs. Specially as the silk is original cambodian grown silk and also the colors are natural. Was really so proud and great to get them together with YOU.