Thursday, January 28, 2010

Book: The Way Things Are - A Living Approach to Buddhism for Today's World

The highest teachings on the nature of mind are like a diamond, transparent and indestructible, also reflecting the color of the society into which they are introduced. Originating in India, Buddhism migrated to Tibet, and is today taking a style more appropriate to educated and independent minds in the West. Lama Ole, one of the few qualified western lamas of the Karma Kagyu tradition, is a major driving force in this process, providing here a fresh, exciting summary of Buddha's timeless wisdom. This seminal work offers the liberating and powerful methods of Diamond Way (Vajrayana) Buddhism for readers seeking to incorporate Buddhist practice into their daily lives. In language that is witty, easy to understand, and without compromising on the essentials, Ole answers the questions that Westerners ask. How do Buddha's teachings utilize the potential of our full being in today's world? Through which practices may we experience mind as limitless space and bliss? How can one use the daily joys and difficulties in one's job, family, or partnerships for spiritual growth? And what is spiritual growth and how does one recognize it? "The Way Things Are" answers these questions and provides practical methods for developing mind, and makes the timeless wisdom of Buddhism accessible to an intrigued western audience, itself increasingly drawn to Tibetan Buddhism.

When I read this book, it was like somebody turning the light on in a dark room. All of a sudden I understood so much more, found sense and meaning in life and was introduced to a way, which is helping me to grow and discover my potentials. Whats really thrilling about this book, is the clear and modern language in which it is written. Also the fact, that this book really shows and explains how Buddhism can be lived and practized in a modern world. It is sharing so clear the way things are. Really can recommend this book to anyone who wants to find a introduction and a living approach to Buddhism for a meaningful but also liveable way in todays, modern world.

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