Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cambodian candidate at german Big Brother TV show

Yesterday the german TV broadcaster RTL2 launched the new 10th edition of the popular Big Brother reality TV show in Germany. This reality show is running for 6 months. Different people have to move into two different houses. One is a very comfortable, luxury house and the other one is more like a rubish dump house. Both houses can be compared to heaven and hell. During this 6 months these people do not leave the house and 24 hours a day hidden cameras show there life there live on TV. Showing everything, really everything they are doing there. Showing conflicts, love stories and many different tasks the inhabitants of these houses have to accomplish, sometimes really strange tasks they have to accomplish as a team. According to there success people than have to move from the heaven house to the hell house or opposite. Besides this the viewers of the show can vote people out of the house, according to there performance or if they like them or not, who will be than replaced by new people moving in. The person who stays in the house till the end of this six months and is not voted out of the house wins 250.000 Euros.

This year they have a lady which was born in Cambodia, her name is Pisei, and who lives in Germany, working as a model in the house and also a married gay couple.

Many people over here are addicted to his reality show as really weird things can happen in the house and people speak than at work about what recently happened on this show. But to be honest, the reality show caused also lots of discussions in the society of that kind of exhibitionism performed in there. Surely not a show for intellectual, thinking people. More kind of Boulevard entertainment. I personally never followed the show over six months, from time to time I watched it, but never really liked it a lot. Maybe this time as long as the cambodian lady and the gay couple is part of the show I might follow it a little bit on TV.

To read more about the concept and history of the show a link to the english wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Brother_%28TV_series%29

And this is a link to the german website of the show: http://www.rtl2-bigbrother.de/bigbrother10/front_content.php

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