Friday, January 1, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 in Germany

And now the second new year celebration, as we have midnight now in Germany. All the best for the new year, for our friends and families wherever in this world they may be. May you all be blessed with a happy, healthy and great new year, a year in which you all may live and find a life full of Love.

My pdey samlanh, next year at this time, we will celebrate new year together, united in Love, here in Germany. So this new year celebration today will be our first and last one that we are apart. But in fact we never apart, even when distance is for a moment between us, we are bound together, united in our hearts, souls and minds, as we are really one. May you be always well protected and blessed throughout this new year and may you always feel me with all my love, commitment, dedication and care at your side, every second of this year. ILYSM!

Photo showing fireworks over lake Kemnade / Bochum, the lake we walked around in August. Remember?
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  1. Dear S and J,
    we wish you also a very happy New Year, which might be full of your Love and that the year might pass by fast, so that the day you both will move and live together comes soon.
    And how was New Year celebration in Cambodia? We miss to read something here from S about this.
    We wish you both health, happiness and that your both lifes might be continue to be happy, healthy and most of all accompanied by your both great Love for each other.
    Your friends
    Martin and Alexander