Thursday, January 7, 2010

NEW MOVIE: Same Same, but different - A true Love story in Cambodia

On the 21. January a wonderful movie comes to German cinemas, a movie based on a true story, telling the true Love story of a cambodian women and a western guy. I watched the trailer and feel very touched by what I have seen. Must see this movie, great scenes filmed in Cambodia. In fact last year I read the book on which this film is based and was already impressed by the book.

This is the story of the movie:
SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT tells an unusual and moving love story. After finishing school Benjamin, a young German, goes on a long journey through Asia. In Phnom Penh he meets the Cambodian girl Sreykeo and instantly falls in love with her. It is only after their first night together that he discovers she works as a bargirl. Nevertheless he enjoys the time he spends with her in this mysterious country torn between modernity and belief in ancient spirits. Back in Germany he realizes that he wants to fight for his love and has to take responsibility for it. Against all odds he tries the impossible: To remain together with Sreykeo for always.

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT is a story written by life: In February 2006, Benjamin Prüfer published an autobiographical account in a magazine. The overwhelming number of reactions by readers caused him to write the autobiographical novel “Same same but different”. Director Detlev Buck knew that this was the material he had been looking for as soon as he had read the manuscript.
“Ever since film school I had wanted to make a film that not only touches on the subject of love but deals with nothing else. But no love story offered itself. Now with the true story of Benjamin and Sreykeo finally the moment had come to make the film”, says Buck.

A short teaser clip of this movie in English can be found on the following website(to see it in English you need to choose in the upper right corner of the website the English flag):

The following trailer of the movie I found at YouTube, sorry this trailer is in German but really still worth watching:

More information in English about this movie can be found here (to read it in English you need to choose in the upper right corner of the website the English flag):

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