Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soundtrack "Same Same but different"

Yesterday I watched the movie "Same Same but different" at the cinema. Really liked the soundtrack of the movie, nice mixture of German, French, English and Khmer music. Right now as I write this I listen to the CD with the soundtrack.

The movie was very nice and really made me feel homesick so much to you and to Cambodia. Really enjoyed watching the movie and it touched me a lot. Really good actors, nice landscapes of Cambodia and showing also something of Phnom Penh. Just thinking that last Sunday we have been together in Phnom Penh and now I am already a week back here in Germany, missing you badly, specially on this first weekend without you.

But back to the movie, I really can recommend this movie to everyone to watch, but to be honest, the book is far more detailed and better. Can just recommend everyone who has not read the book and watched the movie to get the book and read it. But the main story is told by the movie and is told very impressively.

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