Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bringing 3D television to a living room near you

Three-dimensional TV pioneers are predicting groundbreaking new technology will be in most German living rooms within just a few years and that it will revolutionise storytelling and live sport without the need for funky 3D glasses.

With the US blockbuster ''Avatar'' whetting audience appetites for seeing movies in 3D, experts in Germany believe the small screen is also due for a revolution.

“Live sports will be the big winner because you don’t have to develop new content,” filmmaker Ludger Pfanz, who teaches at the new Expanded 3 Digital Cinema Laboratory at the Karlsruhe Design University, told The Local on Friday. “The first time I watched 3D football, I understood the offside rule for the first time.”

He predicted 3D television would be a common feature in German living rooms within four to seven years and would become the norm by 2020.

The 2014 Football World Cup would be a turning point, he said. Sony has struck a deal with football governing body FIFA to film this year’s World Cup in South Africa in 3D but the technology would hit its stride properly in 2014, Pfanz said.

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WOW, that must be cool to watch soocer with you in the future in 3D!

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