Saturday, February 13, 2010


To all our family, friends and visitors of our blog a very happy, blessed, healthy and prosperous chinese new year!

And most of all, of course, for you honey, all my love on this day and for the new year. Right now you celebrate already with your family in Phnom Penh, feel me with you there, celebrating together. I love you so much! Soon comes the day that we will celebrate chinese new year together as our own little family. IMYSM!

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  1. Sorry, we did not notice that you celebrated new year over there. Our best wishes for the new year, most of all we wish you both a happy year full of love and care for each other and the year to be a fast one, so that your both wedding and move together comes soon.

    SH: How was new year celebration? How did you celebrate it?

    Your friends
    Martin and Alexander